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FAQ's - Bone Grafting
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What is Bio-Oss®?

Bio-Oss® is a safe, effective bone graft material from specially processed bovine sources. Under the electron microscope, Bio-Oss® looks very similar to human bone. Because of its similarity to human bone, Bio-Oss® is highly successful in helping new bone to form. In many cases using Bio-Oss® eliminates the need for additional surgery to obtain your own bone to use as grafting material.

How does Bio-Oss® work?

Since Bio-Oss® is so similar to human bone, it is readily accepted by our defense mechanisms as a "friendly" graft and is therefore not rejected. Bio-Oss® acts as a framework onto which bone forming cells, blood vessels, etc. migrate. As these cells and blood vessels travel along the Bio-Oss® framework, healthy new bone is formed and the defect is repaired.

Is Bio-Oss® safe?

Since Bio-Oss® is highly purified bone, allergic reactions or infections due to Bio-Oss® are highly unlikely. Every batch of Bio-Oss® goes through highly controlled processing and sterilization procedures which remove impurities efficiently. At the end of these procedures, every batch of Bio-Oss® must pass rigorous tests for purity and sterility, assuring the high safety standard of the materials.

How long does it take for new bone to form around the Bio-Oss® graft?

Bio-Oss®, because of its similarity to human bone, is highly successful in supporting new bone growth. Although new bone will begin to form within the first few weeks after grafting, up to 6 months are required to achieve the quantity and density of bone needed for further dental or surgical procedures to be performed (time may vary. Ask your dentist about your specific case).

What is Bio-Gide®?

Bio-Gide® is a thin resorbable GBR membrane made from the natural fiber material, collagen. Often when a bone graft is needed, Bio-Gide® is placed directly over the grafted material. Bio Gide® encourages new bone to form and also prevents the growth of scar tissue into the grafted site.

How is Bio-Gide® different from other membranes?

Bio-Gide® is resorbable (melts away) and therefore, unlike membranes which do not resorb, does not need a second surgical procedure to be removed. Unlike many other resorbable membranes which tend to resorb in 4-8 weeks, Bio-Gide® lasts several months, the time required for new bone to form. And lastly, during healing, if an opening occurs in the gum tissue covering Bio-Gide®, the opening will tend to close spontaneously, allowing bone growth to continue. Removal of the Bio-Gide® membrane is almost never required.

Is Bio-Gide® safe?

Bio-Gide®, like many artificial heart valves, is composed of porcine derived collagen. Using special processing and sterilization procedures, Bio-Gide® is made highly biocompatible and sterile. Every batch of Bio-Gide® membranes undergoes a series of tests confirming its purity and sterility, assuring the safety of the materials. Bio-Gide® is not indicated for patients with a known history of allergic response to collagen or porcine derived products.

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