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PRP stands for 'Platelet Rich Plasma'. PRP is derived from a patient's own blood and can be used at surgery to accelerate healing and bone formation when combined with a bone graft, implant surgery or other bone and soft tissue augmentation procedures. In the case of dental implants this accelerated healing can allow the fitting of teeth or prostheses over the implants in a shorter period of time, and is likely to improve the overall implant success.

Platelet alpha granules contain potent growth factors necessary to begin tissue repair and regeneration at the wound site. Concentrated autologous platelets contain large reservoirs of growth factors that have the potential to greatly accelerate the normal healing process, naturally. The use of concentrated growth factors is considered by many to be a "new frontier" of clinical therapy and creates a paradigm shift affecting all segments of the medical profession.

New standards of care

Leading clinicians in specialities such as dental, ENT, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery routinely use concentrated platelets due to their ability to deliver a cocktail of bioactive growth factors. Growth factors shown to enhance the body's natural healing process include:

  • Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF) initiate connective tissue healing including bone regeneration and repair.' PDGF also increases mitogenesis (healing cells), angiogenesis (endothelial mitosis into functioning capillaries), and macrophage activation (debridement of the wound site and second phase source of growth factors)

  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-ß) increases the chemotaxis and mitogenesis of osteoblast precursors and they also stimulate osteoblast deposition of the collagen matrix of wound healing and bone regeneration

  • Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) induce epithelial development and promote angiogenesis

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) have potent angiogenic, mitogenic, and vascular permeability-enhancing activities specific for endothelial cells
Improving patient outcomes

  • Clinicians have reported that the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) enriched with growth factors can enhance:
  • Bone Growth and Maturation
  • Graft Stabilization Wound Sealing
  • Wound Healing
  • Haemostasis

SmartPReP The First and Only Automated PRP System

SmartPReP is the first and only system indicated for the preparation of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for bone grafting procedures.

The PRP can be mixed with allograft and autograft bone material which

  • may improve the handling characteristics of the bone graft material,
  • facilitates fixation of the bone graft material to the surgical site,
  • may help optimize conditions for bone healing as platelets' natural physiologic function is to release proteins that can promote cell migration and growth.


SmartPReP's simple and automated process has been shown to predictably capture exceptional platelet yields regardless of the patient's haematocrit or the level of the operator's experience.

SmartPReP's high platelet yields assure that greater than 4X the patient's baseline platelet count is easily achieved.

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